•  Turn on the VIRAL social traffic tap  WHENEVER you want
  • Profit with both live AND recorded videos - even using  other people’s  videos 
  • Build your list, commissions & eCom sales  WITHOUT paying for traffic ever again 
  • 100% beginner friendly - absolutely  zero experience  or tech skills needed!
Don’t take our word for it. Here is what people just like you have to say about Live Stream Machine:
Amy Harrop
Alessandro Zamboni
Hey this is Andreas Simons with a simple question for you.

What’s the  BEST way to drive traffic  and profits online today: social media or video?

No matter WHAT you answered, you’re right. Video AND social media are the 2 most powerful tools any marketer has … and neither is more important than the other.

Imagine what happens when you combine both.
Video + Social Media = YOUR Ticket To Passive Income
Things haven’t always been this way. Recently, video marketers could do quite well by simply publishing and monetizing videos.

While social media marketers could profit without touching video.

But now that Facebook and other mainstream social networks have jumped BIG into video,  the rules of the  game have changed. 
Your Secret Weapon: FB Wants  To DOMINATE Video 
More on that in a bit. For now, realize that there are certain moments in time when something extraordinary takes place. We are seeing one of those moments right now.

Facebook isn’t just competing for video market share anymore,  it’s dominating.  How did it do it so fast? By recognizing this key fact:
FB Live: “Video Selfies” Meet Webinars 
People love taking selfies, and Live is just an extension. It lets you broadcast a video with your smartphone  from anywhere in the world. 
You can also live stream straight from your desktop if you prefer. Bottom line? People are LOVING this new media style:
  • FB live streams are  watched for THREE times longer  than other videos
  • Live is the  fastest growing video stream service  in the world
  • Live streams are  rewarded with MUCH HIGHER organic reach  than ANY other type of FB post
  • Broadcasters can have  UNLIMITED viewers engage with people in real time, monetize AND promote their streams
Does This Mean “Regular Videos” Are Dead?
Not a chance, just the game has changed a bit. And unfortunately become way too complicated.
Consider YouTube marketing. It’s become super competitive. Long gone are the days when you could instantly rank a video.

Now, you need training on exactly how to optimize your videos for top rankings. There are thousands of courses available on how to rank for free viral traffic  - so how do you choose the right one?

It’s the same for social media, especially now that video is so mainstream. You need to know exactly what you’re doing to get viral traffic from social networks.

Again, there are thousands of online traffic courses to choose from. Where do you want to get traffic? FB, Twitter, Pinterest? Maybe LinkedIn or Tumblr? For each network, there are hundreds of courses to get you started. 
Your “All-In-One” Profit Solution
Let’s get back to basics. Sales and profits come from just 2 things. Traffic and conversions. 

Social media is the king of traffic. Videos are the king of conversions. So all you need is a way to drive as much possible traffic to a monetized video. That’s it!

You could do this by juggling dozens of different courses and softwares. Or you could find  one tool that does it  all. 
3 Steps To UNSTOPPABLE Traffic & Profits
Don’t Want To Do Live Streams Or Make Your Own Videos?
You don’t have to.  You can drive traffic to any video you find online, then monetize it by sending people to your own offers and lead generation pages.

The software is friendly enough for complete beginners, but grows with you … so when you’re ready to exploit the full viral power of live streaming, you’re covered.
Live Stream Machine
We wanted to develop a SINGLE tool that would  allow ANYONE to profit  with both the power of video and viral social media traffic. And include every syndication option for a fraction of what the competition charges.
To meet our standards, the product had to:
Allow anyone,  regardless of  experience,  to drive traffic
to any video they choose
Let both beginners & advanced marketers monetize videos
for  hands-free profits 
Take maximum advantage of targeted,  100% free traffic 
for the ultimate in ROI
Live Stream Machine
That’s Exactly What We Developed And Here Are The Results:
Easy. Login to the cloud-based software, follow the guides to connect your social accounts, then drive FREE traffic  anywhere  you want.
Everything YOU Need To Drive Traffic On Demand Is Included
Cloud-based software with user-friendly dash
Just login & follow the included training videos to get your social accounts connected quickly -  you’ll only have to  do this once! 
Automated syndication to TOP social networks
When you’re ready, Live Stream Machine syndicates your video content across Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest.  The result? VIRAL traffic at zero cost 
FB Live like you’ve NEVER seen it before
Live Stream Machine strips the traditional limitations of FB Live. Broadcast live to your profile and UNLIMITED fan pages & groups that you’re an admin of. Leverage the  most possible traffic from the world’s biggest social  network.  Get EVEN more traffic by auto-posting a link to your live stream to Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr & Pinterest
YouTube Video Booster
Upload a video from your computer directly to YouTube. At the same time your video is syndicated across FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. This is the  FASTEST way to  maximize YouTube traffic.  Plus you’ll build valuable social signals which boost your organic search engine results
FB Video Booster
Upload a video from your computer OR use ANY link to ANY video you find online. Then enjoy an  instant boost  in traffic  when your video is syndicated across UNLIMITED FB pages and groups that you administrate
Get Your Exclusive Discount 
Live Stream Machine While You Can!
During this limited launch, the software is yours at a STEEP discount. 
 Once this launch ends, the price will be going up significantly …
Live Stream Machine
That’s Not All - With Live Stream Machine,  YOU’RE In Charge! 
100% Customization
Run targeted campaigns to any video content you share. Choose which social networks you syndicate to with the tap of your mouse!
Unlimited MEANS Unlimited
When we say you can syndicate to as many pages and groups you’re an admin of, we mean it … so you can grow traffic on an EXPONENTIAL scale
DFY Video Marketing
with the included FB video boost feature you can LITERALLY profit using other people’s videos
Complete Training & Support Included
Access our over-the-shoulder video training from inside your dashboard. PLUS, you’ll receive a direct link to our support desk in case you get stuck at any point. You’ll be up, running and in profit in no time!
Is This For Me?
Honestly, I don’t know your situation. All I can say is this software drives quality traffic, on autopilot, for zero cost. So if you could use more FREE traffic to your offers, consider Live Stream Machine.

And it’s NOT just for hard-core video marketers, although they’ll quickly see the syndication advantages LSM gives them. Even complete beginners can start driving traffic TODAY without even creating a video of their own.
Live Stream Machine is the  perfect  traffic generation tool for all types marketers:
Affiliate Marketers
Review videos are proven to translate to sales. By maximizing exposure to your reviews, you stand to make more sales … and put more money in your pockets!
List Builders
Attract qualified leads to your list. Drive viral social traffic interested in what you have to say directly to your lead generation pages for fast list building
eCommerce Vendors
Get targeted, free traffic to your store for the highest possible ROI … reduce your need for paid traffic, meaning bigger profits
Video Marketers
Automated syndication maximizes your social traffic. You’ll get more eyeballs on your videos WITHOUT paying a dime for ads
Social Media Marketers
Leverage the ever-increasing power of video reach for your social media campaigns. Build your following, list and brand at lightning speed
SEO Marketers
Watch YOUR pages skyrocket up the search engine ranking from the power of the social signals generated with Live Stream Machine
Online Marketing Beginners
This is truly a beginner friendly system that grows with you. Start out using other people’s videos to drive traffic and sales - perfect for affiliate and CPA marketing. When you’re ready, start using your own videos and live broadcasts to drive viral traffic to your own offers. Zero previous experience or technical skills required
Take Action Today And We’ll Also Include These Launch Bonuses:
Live Stream Machine
Bonus #1
Monetization Training
See how easy it is to profit with both live and recorded videos to make more affiliate commissions, eCom sales, build your list and more …

We’ll show you STEP BY STEP how to monetize any video or live stream to maximize passive profits - so when the traffic rolls in, you cash in!
$67 Value
Bonus #2
FB Live For Profit
In this never-before-seen training, we’ll share best practices for leveraging FB Live. Maximize engagement with your audience, get more views to your live streams, build your following, list and sales!
$87 Value
Bonus #3
Quick & Easy Video Creation
Discover fast, easy and beginner friendly ways to create videos that put money in your pocket while maximizing the FB and YT “boost” features of the software.

The EASIEST way to scale your income with Live Stream Machine!
$87 Value
Get Your Access To Live Stream Machine
And ALL Bonuses Now!
Activate Your Exclusive Launch Discount While You Can … 
Live Stream Machine
How Do I Know Live Stream Machine Will Work For Me?
We’ve seen it work personally and for beta testers. It’ll work for you as well, or you won’t pay a dime:
The Live Stream Machine 100% Money-Back 14 Day Guarantee
We are giving you a full 14 days to test out the software. If at any point during that period you decide Live Stream Machine isn’t for you, just let us know.

Simply show us that you’ve tried it out for 14 days. If your results aren’t what you hoped for, we’ll either work with you until you’re thrilled or refund your investment. Simple as that!
Time To Decide
Do you want to take control of your traffic, once and for all?

Without spending money on ads and “hoping” for conversions?

With a software that grows with you so you can leverage the full power of both video and social media traffic?
Just Hit The Button Below For Instant Access
To The Software And ALL Bonuses
Key Features & Bonuses
  • Cloud-based software
  • user-friendly dash
  • Automated syndication
  • FB Live...
  • YouTube Video Booster
  • FB Video Booster
  • 100% Customization
  • Unlimited Syndication
  • DFY Video Marketing
  • Private FB Group
  • Complete Training
  • No usage limits
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • World Class Support
  • No Monthly Fees (during this launch special)
  • Monetization Training
  • 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Live Stream Machine
Thanks for taking the time to read this message. It’s my sincere hope to be able to help you take control of your traffic with this tool that leverages one of the most unique moments in social and video marketing history. 
Andreas Simons
Andreas Simons
P.S. Not to rush you, but you do need to decide soon. The price will increase once launch is over and you’re completely covered by my industry-leading, 14-day money back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose!

P.P.S. In just one month from now, you could still be sorting through DOZENS of different products that do what this software does. Struggling to find the best way to drive traffic … or actually enjoying the benefits of on-demand visitors, sales and profits. You know what to do.
Answers To Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will this work on my Mac?
You betcha! This is a cloud-based software so it runs perfectly on any operating system. As long as you’ve got an internet connection, you’re good to go!
Q. Are there any usage limits?
None at all. With your license today, you can upload and “boost” as many videos as you like, and further promote as many FB Live streams as you choose.
Q. Are there monthly fees?
None at all, provided you secure your license during this launch special. For one low fee you can enjoy ALL the benefits of Live Stream Machine for one low investment.
Q. Is training included?
Of course! Within the dashboard you’ll see links to over-the-shoulder training videos so you’ll be up and running fast. Further, the bonuses cover specific ways to monetize video for profit and maximize your results with live streams.
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